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X-ray Protection Aprons and Accessories

Our Xaprons® provide the highest protection against X-ray beams with fashionable style and innovative design.

We select the high quality fabrics which are resistance to weight and stains. It also protects your skin against lead dropping by adding the coating between the garment and lead rubber / vinyl sheet.
You may select 0.25, 0.35 or 0.50 mmPb rubber / vinyl sheet for the front, wrap-around aprons or vest-skirt. We offer standard, light and superlight aprons in which different technologies are selected for making the lead rubber / vinyl sheet.

In addition, we also supply the accessories, i.e. protective scarf, gonad, cap, lead eye glasses and apron hanger systems etc.

Nowadays, the dental patients require high demand for their own protection against x-ray examination. We supply 0.25mmPb, 0.35mmPb or 0.50mmPb single layer dental aprons for your choice.